Archi Dior Cocotte Necklace Replica 18K White/Pink Gold & Diamonds JCOU95002 0000

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The delicate pendant is the focal point of the necklace. The Round crystal is inlaid between the elegant curve modeling and the skirt sculpt, the whole style is like the dancing spirit, precisely emerging the grace and vogue of ladies. The beautiful necklace will be a favorite for you, from the daily work to fashion dinners, you will never take it off.

Dior is a fashion brand from Paris, which is famous for its perfume, but surprises the women through the fine jewelry, more popular with many fashionable women recently.

The necklace is from the Archi Dior Cocotte series. In particular, The pendant is presented with crystals, graceful curve and skirt sculpt, which looks like the dancing spirit, exactly reflecting the gorgeous temperament and luxurious breath of ladies. Even for the daily work, showing the unique style of women with the delicate outfit, which will appeal to the eyes of your colleague instantly. The necklace has two colors to be selected freely, the silver suits the unique women while the pink gold fits the sexy lady.

The exquisite necklace is both applicable to the young girl or the mature women, so it can be the birthday gift or Christmas present for your cousin or mom, perfectly rendering the attractive charm of them.

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Diamonds Yes With
Gender Women
Material Color Rose Gold
Material Type Gold-plated
Product Type Necklace
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