Archi Dior Cocotte Ring Fake 18K White/Pink Gold Diamonds JCOU95001 0000 UK Sale

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This ring can satisfy your various fantasies about fashion, ornate and exquisite. The fine adornment has the elegant curve, glittering crystals and skirt modeling, combined with the wave shape body, not only interpreting the exquisite craftsmanship of the Christian Dior but also conforming to the luxuriant posture of women. It is an exquisite ornament that lets women scream and praise, which can be perfectly integrated with a gorgeous dinner.

Compared with the perfume or cosmetics of Dior, its jewelry is more interesting, whether it is the shape, design concept or style, which can fully satisfy the women's outstanding fashion taste.

The ring belongs to Archi Dior Cocotte collection, which is also the perfect representation of nobleness and elegance. The ring is designed to be the wave-shaped while the adornment is decorated with the curve, crystals and the skirt modeling, which just likes the little spirit, in keeping with the noble breath and elegant gesture of ladies. The ring both applies to the formal meeting and the fashion party, accurately revealing the glamorous style of women. The ring has two colors to choose-the silver and the pink gold, the silver can be matched the suit while the pink gold paired well with the skirt.

The original one is costly that will cost you much money, so perhaps you can think about our item, which has the lower price and excellent quality, totally making you feel satisfied.

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Diamonds Yes With
Gender Women
Material Color Rose Gold
Material Type Gold-plated
Product Type Ring
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